Secure collaboration tools for crisis response

Reliable, secure communications tools are vital in crisis response situations.

Critical communications networks, such as TETRA or P25, can be set up within a few days but are typically only available to first responders and rely on expensive handsets; and crisis response teams span far beyond military and blue light organisations.

Collaboration tools can give crisis response operations a scalable hub for secure communications with all parties if they include instant messaging, voice and video calls, video conferencing, file sharing and screen sharing. Content delivered live, or developed collaboratively can also be instantly captured and available for sharing.

To be truly effective, healthcare collaboration tools must also integrate with other systems, from ID and authentication, through to patient management systems, imaging, IoT and cybersecurity.

Most robust collaboration tool for crisis response

New Vector’s portfolio of decentralised open source collaboration tools provide secure communications that can operate from almost any web connection or mobile device. Everyone involved with the disaster response effort can instantly connect from their existing device to communicate with others.

Matrix is unique in providing a common language that can link together both disparate Matrix deployments from different parties as well as bridging together their existing communication infrastructure - putting all the emergency responders and coordination centres on the same page. Our powerful integration tools mean that existing systems - such as ID and authentication - can be easily implemented.

Designed to operate reliably at ultra-low bandwidth, New Vector can offer encrypted communication in the harshest of ‘off-the-grid’ conditions through a wide range of connectivity including Bluetooth, Mesh, WiFi Direct and satellite.

As conditions allow, hosting can operate from individual devices (through peer-to-peer) to on-premise equipment, New Vector’s SaaS or any cloud environment. IoT devices such as drones can be integrated with the platform, allowing them to stream video or send pictures directly into a chat room.

The power of open source collaboration

Based on the Matrix open source project, both New Vector and the entire Matrix open source community are available for additional support and development.

Uniquely Matrix’s end-to-end encryption allows users to vouch for the identity of their own devices, while explicitly verifying other users by QR codes and emoji comparison - ensuring people within conversations are who they say they are.

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication. Bridging technology enables Matrix-based messaging to interoperate with proprietary collaboration tools and consumer-grade instant messenger services bringing scattered communication into one single place.

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