Secure collaboration tools for healthcare

Secure collaboration tools empower clinicians by improving care team communication, particularly in acute clinical settings. Secure collaboration tools help healthcare professionals deliver better patient outcomes by cutting through paper-based confidential patient information systems and siloed electronic health records (EHR).

A combination of fast-paced collaborative team working, protected health information (PHI data), Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies, interoperability requirements and strict regulation present multiple security risks.

Collaboration tools for healthcare must, therefore, utilise advanced encryption and server-side data retention policies so that doctors and other medical professionals can ensure patient confidentiality when using instant messaging. Healthcare collaboration tools must also meet geographically relevant regulations such as GPDR, HIPAA, HITRUST and the NIS Directive.

To be truly effective, healthcare collaboration tools must also integrate with other systems, from ID and authentication, through to patient management systems, imaging, IoT and cybersecurity.

Best collaboration tool for healthcare

Collaboration tools include instant messaging, image and file sharing, video calls, video conferencing, voice calls and screen sharing. They are invaluable for fast team communication and virtual healthcare.

New Vector gives healthcare organisations reliable and highly secure real time communications, including end-to-end encrypted instant messaging based on the industry-leading Double Ratchet Algorithm popularised by Signal. Uniquely Matrix’s end-to-end encryption allows users to validate the identity of their devices, while explicitly verifying other users - ensuring people within conversations are who they say they are.

New Vector’s products and services are powered by the Matrix open standard for secure decentralised communication. This gives hospitals and other care providers the choice of hosting their own collaboration tools on-premise (for maximum control and confidentiality) or through a third party cloud platform - as well as interoperability with the wider Matrix network, allowing coordination between different practices and patients. It also delivers operational independence and avoids vendor lock-in.

New Vector offers a highly secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, with customer deployments as isolated as possible. Custom deployment ensures all relevant healthcare confidentiality requirements can be implemented, and work is ongoing to implement full “peer-to-peer” Matrix, allowing encrypted data to be exchanged between clinicians without ever being stored on a server if needed.

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