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Vector is evolving. Let's riot!

Secure. Interoperable. Open source.
Connect to your conversations like never before.

Vector is a simple yet elegant interface that securely brings all your conversations and applications together in one place.

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Why choose Vector?

Powered by Matrix

Powered by Matrix

From GitHub to Jira, IRC to Slack: Vector uses the new, open Matrix.org ecosystem to access a galaxy of users, networks, bots and application integrations.

Talking to your contacts has never been easier: they don't even need to create an account!
Open Source

Open Source

Vector is entirely open source software: all the code is published on GitHub (Apache License) for anyone to see and extend. And thanks to Matrix, it's trivial to add new bots and application integrations via the Matrix Spec.
Own your data

Own your data

We believe no-one should control your communication but you. Run your own Matrix server to host your own data; access it with whatever Matrix client you like.

Soon, protect your conversation with state of the art end-to-end encryption using Matrix's Olm cryptographic ratchet.
Find your focus

Find your focus

We all know how distracting messaging apps can be. Vector provides an unobtrusive interface with simple but powerful control over your notifications, making it easy to tune in or tune out on your own terms.

No download or signup required. Try it now!

Vector is free!

No limits on features, group size or usage for public rooms.
Invite your friends today!

Paid hosting plans coming soon.

While public rooms will always be unlimited, we cannot provide free private storage and application integration hosting forever!
In the future we will introduce paid options for additional private storage and hosted integrations.

Vector is for...



Born from IRC; built by developers for developers. Enjoy the integrations (Jira, Github), benefit from new ones from the Matrix community, or add your own!

Don't want to rely on our hosted solution? Run your own Matrix server! Want to improve Vector? Github pull requests welcome!
Creative Agencies

Creative Agencies

Efficient. Clutter free. Vector knows how to go unnoticed. Free your mind, relax, and let your creativity express itself.

Integrations (coming soon) for Basecamp, Invision, Zeplin and more bring updates right into your team room for easy tracking. Guest access, interoperability with Slack and other networks let you easily reach your customers through one simple, elegant interface.
Small/Medium Businesses

Small/Medium Businesses

We all know the communication problems you can find in even the smallest businesses.

With Vector, get everyone painlessly on the same page - without them having to give up their existing tools!
Adhoc Teams

Adhoc Teams

Need to get a bunch of different people quickly on the same page? It might be collaboration between teams, companies, families, clubs...

Vector's guest access and interoperability lets them plug into their preferred tools and get up and running rapidly.

Get your team started now!