World-class decentralised, secure communication.

We enable governments, businesses and individuals to run their own secure communication infrastructure, while interconnecting via the global Matrix network.

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Seven questions to ask yourself about the collaboration tools you chose (before someone asks you first)

Use Cases




Powering the official internal communication of the French government. Custom apps, and secure deployments per ministry, to be openly federated with the public Matrix network. Supports all 5.5M public civil servants.


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Providing universities throughout the Netherlands with secure messaging as standard, authenticating via their existing ID systems. Each pilot university has a deployment, forming a national network of secure collaboration.



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Online collaboration tools for Education.

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Secure collaboration tools for Healthcare.

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Crisis Response

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Resilient collaboration tools for Crisis Response

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New Vector runs the largest Matrix hosting provider, enabling teams, communities and groups to get servers at the click of a button. Used by KDE, Status & more.

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New Vector manages the largest public Matrix server, supporting over 4M users. The server also bridges multiple other services like Slack, IRC & XMPP.

We provide services for custom development, prioritised roadmap development, support contracts and commercial products for Matrix.

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Millions of users supported by thousands of managed deployments

Products & Services

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A sleek, free and open source chat app for secure collaboration, communities and chat. runs on the web, iOS, Android and desktop, and can connect to any Matrix server you like.

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The go-to provider for hosted Matrix services. Our SaaS offering provides both dedicated and custom Matrix servers and the default integration manager for Riot, which runs free and paid bridges, widgets and bots.

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Custom Development & Consulting

Matrix is a flexible and open technology, as the protocol experts, we offer best in class consulting, custom development and bespoke solutions to address all needs.

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Enterprise Homeservers

We provide the tools to run your on premise Matrix deployment as smoothly as possible— handling clustering, high availability playbooks, enterprise management interfaces, custom integrations and more.

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Expert Support

Looking to host on premise without having to train your team to be Matrix gurus? Need the reassurance that an expert is on call if things go wrong? We have the tools, knowledge and manpower to support your needs.

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Border Gateways

Keeping your internal network under control, while connecting with wider networks. We can provide secure Border Gateways, ensuring your communication is both interoperable and safe.

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Commercial Bridges

Bridge your existing propietary communication (like Slack, Skype for Business, and Sametime) to Matrix to gently onboard existing teams, or integrate with existing tools for maximum productivity.

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Ultra-low bandwidth Matrix

We can provide ultra-low bandwidth encrypted communication for trusted networks, supporting Matrix under the harshest of network conditions.

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Our Projects

We contribute massively to the core open source Matrix project as part of our R&D — any paid services directly support the open ecosystem.

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